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Citrix Performance Monitoring for Healthcare IT

Deep insights into one of the key technologies enabling anytime, anywhere access

Citrix Application and Desktop Virtualization: Foundations of Healthcare IT

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Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops play leading roles in the healthcare IT virtualization revolution, and it might be assumed that consolidating user computing with these advanced technologies automatically delivers simplified management and cost savings.

But the reality is that without sufficient preparation and understanding of the expanded set of variables - within the Citrix stack and across the entire infrastructure - operational benefits can be quickly offset by inconsistent application performance for your end users. Automated, unified performance management helps ensure successful IT rollouts, excellent user experience and ultimately, quality care and patient satisfaction.

  • eG Innovations & Citrix Enhance Workspace Mobility for Healthcare

    The combination of eG Innovations and Citrix technologies delivers an unparalleled end-user computing platform with fast and reliable connectivity for healthcare applications-any time, and from any device.

    • Citrix Workspace Mobility for Healthcare
      Stellar User Experience
      Ensure enhanced user satisfaction and increased business productivity
    • Citrix Workspace Mobility for Healthcare
      High Accessibility & Performance
      Optimize the Citrix infrastructure with advanced analytics for maximum performance
    • Citrix Workspace Mobility for Healthcare
      Compliance Reporting
      Get access to historical audit reports of who logged in, when, from where and how
    • Citrix Workspace Mobility for Healthcare
      Increased ROI
      Improve IT operational efficiency, and reduce technology and manpower costs
  • How eG Innovations Adds Value to Citrix Implementations

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    eG Innovations provides a purpose-built, total performance management framework for Citrix environments in its flagship Citrix Ready-certified solutions: eG Enterprise.

    eG Enterprise includes years of domain expertise acquired from addressing the monitoring needs of some the largest Citric deployments in the world. It includes a patented, virtualization-aware root cause diagnosis technology and automatic correlation intelligence that help healthcare IT teams accelerate problem diagnosis and troubleshooting in any size Citrix implementation across physical, virtual, cloud, and hyper-converged infrastructures.

    Key Capabilities

    Citrix Implementations in Healthcare

    Complete visibility into the performance of the Citrix service and supporting infrastructure (virtualization, storage, AD, network, database, and more)

    Citrix Implementations in Healthcare

    Automated discovery, dependency mapping, event correlation and root cause diagnosis for virtualized application and desktop infrastructures

    Citrix Implementations in Healthcare

    Historical reports, alerts, auto-baselines, and predictive analytics to helps stay ahead of performance issues and accelerate resolution

  • Beyond Monitoring: Driving Healthcare IT Success

    Beyond analyzing performance data from multiple siloed tools, eG Enterprise makes identifying problem components and services as simple as glancing at a dashboard, visual topology or e-mailed alert. eG Enterprise's intelligent diagnosis capabilities provide exactly the actionable intelligence that healthcare IT departments need to fix issues before users notice a problem.

    In a single console, eG Enterprise provides the combined benefits of end-to-end infrastructure monitoring and application monitoring. Healthcare IT professionals can greatly benefit from the industry's only 3-dimensional performance monitoring coverage: Reach across every - tier, network, storage, virtualization, Citrix, Windows and more; Depth of coverage - putting the metrics that matter at your fingertips; and Speed to resolution - helping you to detect and fix issues in minutes, instead of hours.

  • eG Enterprise is something we can't live without. We have been able to use eG Enterprise to quantify performance improvements in areas that we were struggling with before, and with a few changes we were able to quickly see that we had a 50% improvement in Citrix user login times.

    - Wendy Howard, Infrastructure Engineer, St. Charles Health System  

  • eG Innovations: Ensuring Citrix Success for Healthcare IT

    eG Innovations helps healthcare organizations to drive IT success by ensuring top application and desktop performance for excellent patient care and satisfaction

    Citrix Success in Healthcare IT


Why eG Enterprise

  • Proactive monitoring of user experience allows IT teams to detect and resolve problems before users even notice.
  • Complete visibility into the Citrix platform and all external network/ process bottlenecks impacting performance for caregivers: network, applications, storage, and databases. This ensures faster diagnosis of problems and reduced downtime.
  • Accelerated discovery and diagnosis of performance issues in virtualized applications, ensuring improved service uptime and user satisfaction.
  • Simple color-coded topology views and stack model representation that makes it easy even for helpdesk staff to use to diagnose problems.
  • Extensive reporting including user logon auditing, application access verification, workload balancing, right-sizing for maximum server density, and more. This is a key for HIPAA and other compliance reporting.

Why eG? One Monitor to Manage All of IT.

eG Enterprise is something we can't live without. We have been able to use eG Enterprise to quantify performance improvements in areas that we were struggling with before, and with a few changes we were able to quickly see that we had a 50% improvement in Citrix user login times.

Wendy Howard
Infrastructure Engineer, St. Charles Health System


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