How to Monitor Business Transactions to a .NET Core Application Using eG Enterprise?

The broad steps to be followed in this regard are as follows:

  • Ensure that the pre-requisites for deploying the .NET core profiler are fulfilled

  • Deploy the .NET Core profiler on the target Kestrel / IIS web server

  • Configure the .NET Core profiler to communicate with the eG agent

  • Manage the target web site/application (on IIS/Kestrel) for monitoring using the eG admin interface

  • Configure the eG agent to communicate with the .NET Core Profiler

  • Configure the .NET Core Business Transactions test for the monitored web site

For detailed insights into each of these steps, click on the topic links below.

Pre-requisites for Deploying the eG .NET Core Profiler

Installing and Configuring the .NET Core Profiler

Configuring the .NET Core Profiler to Communicate with the eG Agent

Managing the Target .NET Core Application

Configuring Tests for Monitoring .NET Core Business Transactions