Deleting a Component Added Manually

To delete a component that has been manually added to the eG Enterprise system using the Add/Modify option, do the following:

  1. Select the Add/Modify option from the Components menu of the Infrastructure tile.
  2. When Figure 1 appears, select a component Category and then the Component type to which the component to be deleted belongs.

    Figure 1 : Selecting the component type to be modified

  3. If components of the chosen type pre-exist in the eG Enterprise system, the same will be displayed as depicted by Figure 1.
  4. To delete a component, click the icon corresponding to that component.
  5. A message box will then appear requesting your confirmation to delete the component (see Figure 2).

    Figure 2 : A message box requesting your confirmation to delete the component

  6. Click the Yes button to delete the component or the No button to cancel deletion.


    • By default, deleted components cannot be automatically discovered by the eG manager’s rediscovery process. You can however override this default behavior when configuring manager discovery. To achieve this, follow the steps below:

      • Select the Discovery option from the Infrastructure tile.
      • In the discovery tree of the page that then appears, the General option under the Settings sub-node of the Manager Discovery node will be chosen by default. Accordingly, the right panel will display the manager discovery - general settings page (see Figure 11). 
      • In the right panel, the Re-discover deleted components flag will be set to No by default. To make sure that the discovery process rediscovers deleted components, set this flag to Yes.
      • Finally, click the Update button to save the changes.
    • eG Enterprise disallows the deletion of components that are part of segments/services.