Configuring Tests for the Apache Web Server

  1. As soon as you add an Apache web server for monitoring, Figure 2 will appear displaying the Apache web server you just added. To configure tests for the server, click button corresponding to that server in Figure 2.

    Figure 2 : A page displaying the Apache web servers that have been added

  2. Figure 3 will then appear displaying the UNCONFIGURED TESTS and CONFIGURED TESTS (i.e., tests that are configured by default) for the managed server. To configure an unconfigured test, first select that test from the UNCONFIGURED TESTS list and click the Configure button below. Say, you choose to configure the Processes test.

    Figure 3 : Selecting the test to be configured

  3. In this case, Figure 4 will appear displaying the test configuration parameters of the Processes test. From the * (asterisk) that appears alongside the parameter name (in Figure 4), it is clear that the PROCESS parameter needs to be manually configured. To know how to configure this parameter, refer to the Processes Test topic.

    Figure 4 : Configuing the Processes test for an Apache Web server

  4. Once you configure the Processes test, click on the Update button in Figure 4 to save the configuration. Figure 5 will then appear. This time, you will find that the UNCONFIGURED TESTS list in Figure 5 prompts you to configure two more tests. The Windows Processes test will have to be configured only if the Apache web server is running on Windows. To know how to configure this test, refer to the Windows Processes Test topic . Similarly, proceed to configure the .NET Core Business Transactions test only if you have configured an eG .NET Core Profiler for business transaction monitoring on the Apache web server. To know how to configure this test, refer to the .NET Core Business Transactions Test topic .

    Figure 5 : A page prompting you to configure two more tests for the Apache Web server

  5. If neither of these tests need to be configured, then proceed to sign out of the eG administrative interface.