Integrated into the VPN-1 product line, FireWall-1 is the industry's leading firewall solution, delivering the most secure line of defense. Using INSPECT, the most adaptive and intelligent inspection technology, FireWall-1 integrates both network and application-layer firewall protection. This means that problems with FireWall-1 can driill holes in this ‘wall of defence’, thus exposing both the network and application layers to malicious attacks. Continuous monitoring of FireWall-1 can however keep such problems at bay. This can be easily achieved using eG Enterprise.

eG Enterprise  provides a specialized CheckPoint monitoring model, that enables administrators to keep an eye on the accesses to the protected environment and judge whether the firewall succeeds in preventing unauthorized accesses. A single eG external agent is all that is required to monitor a firewall. This agent, when deployed on a remote host, executes tests that connect to the SNMP MIB of the firewall device to be monitored, and collects statistics of interest from it.