How to Monitor Citrix ADC SDX Using eG Enterprise?

To monitor the SDX appliance, eG Enterprise employs an agentless approach. The broad steps for monitoring the SDX appliance using this approach are as follows:

  1. Deploy an eG agent on any remote host in the environment. Use the installation procedure detailed in the eG Installation Guide to install the eG agent.
  2. Manage the target SDX appliance using eG Enterprise.
  3. The eG agent runs Nitro API commands on the SDX appliance to pull the metrics of interest . To enable the agent to connect to the target appliance and make Nitro API calls, you need to configure the tests run by the eG agent with the credentials of a user with read-only privileges on the appliance.
  4. Finally, start the eG agent. To know how the start the eG agent, refer to the eG Installation Guide.

Steps 2 and 3 of this process are described in detail in the following topics: