How to Monitor Citrix App Controller Using eG Enterprise?

eG Enterprise capable of monitoring the Citrix App Controller in an agentless manner. All that is required for this is a single eG agent on any remote Windows host in the environment. The below two mechanisms are used by the eG enterprise to pull out performance statistics related to the health and operations of the Citrix App Controller.

  • The eG tests connect to Citrix App Controller’s management console  to pull out wide range of metrics and/or;
  • The eG tests parse a Syslog created on the Syslog server that hosts the Syslog server used by the Citrix App Controller for collecting metrics.

To enable the eG agent to use the aforesaid mechanisms, a set of pre-requisites should be fulfilled. These requirements have been discussed in the below section.

Pre-requisites for monitoring Citrix App Controller

To enable the eG agent to collect performance metrics from the App Controller, the following pre-requisites should be fulfilled:

  • The eG agent should be deployed on the Syslog server that hosts the Syslog file used for metrics collection.
  • The eG agent has to be configured with the credentials of a user to App Controller. The user should be vested with Administrator privileges.

Once the above-said pre-requisites are fulfilled, proceed to manage the Citrix App Controller component for monitoring. The procedure for achieving this has been explained in the Managing the Citrix App Controller topic.