How to Monitor the Citrix Branch Repeater Using eG Enterprise?

To monitor the Citrix Branch Repeater, you need to make sure that the branch repeater is SNMP-enabled. Then, you need to deploy a single eG external agent on any remote host in the environment and configure that agent to periodically poll the SNMP MIB of the device to pull out metrics of interest.

To enable the SNMP service on the branch repeater, do the following:

  1. Connect to the web console of the branch repeater virtual appliance using the URL: http://<IP_address_of_branch_repeater>/.
  2. When the login screen depicted by Figure 1 appears, provide the credentials of the administrator to login.

    Figure 1 : Logging in as admin

  3. Figure 2 will then appear.

    Figure 2 : The web console of the Branch Repeater virtual appliance

  4. Next, click on the Features option under the Command Menu section in the left panel of Figure 2. This will invoke Figure 3, using which you can enable/disable any feature you choose.

    Figure 3 : Enabling features

  5. Keep scrolling down the Features page of Figure 3 until you find the snmp feature. Pick the Enable option against snmp to enable SNMP.

    Figure 4 : Enabling SNMP

  6. Then, expand the Configuration tree in the left panel of Figure 3 and select the Logging/Monitoring node within. This will open Figure 5.

    Figure 5 : Configuring SNMP

  7. Ensure that the SNMP Status is normal. Provide the Location and Contact details and click the Update button. Then, in the Access Configuration section, add SNMP monitoring access to the Branch Repeater appliance by setting the following parameters:

    • Set the Community String to public.
    • Set the IP address of the host on which the Branch Repeater virtual appliance has been installed against Management Station IP.
    • Then, click the Add button.

Once SNMP is enabled, the eG agent will poll the SNMB MIB of the branch repeater at configured intervals, report a plethora of useful metrics revealing the health of the branch repeater, and present these performance statistics in the eG monitoring model using the hierarchical layer model representation of Figure 1. In order to make the eG agent to work with the branch repeater, manage it using the eG administrative interface. The steps for doing this have been explained in Managing the Citrix Branch Repeater