Every Citrix Access Suite product environment must have at least one shared or dedicated license server. Citrix Access Suite products seek permission from this license server to run. The first time a user connects to a Citrix Access Suite product (for example, the user starts a published application), the product requests a license from the license server. When the license server grants a license request, the Citrix Access Suite product reserves a license for its use. Reserving licenses for this purpose is known as checking out licenses. When the user logs off from the product server, the product returns the license to the license server. This process is known as checking in licenses. Citrix Access Suite products use a continuously open connection to the license server to check out licenses. Every time a Citrix Access Suite product starts, it opens a connection to the license server by checking out the startup license. The startup license is a Citrix system file that enables Citrix Access Suite products to maintain a connection to the license server. The following figure shows that each product on a server forms its own constant connection to the license server.

Figure 1 : Each product making a continuous connection to the license server

Each product on a server makes a continuous connection to the license server. The license server can support up to 2000 continuous connections. If connections to the license server fail, then naturally, it would result in the user been denied access to a critical Citrix Access Suite product; if the failure persists or occurs frequently, then the user is bound to be dissatisfied with the quality of the service. In order to avoid such situations, connection and operational issues of the license server should be detected and resolved at the earliest, so that users have no cause for complaints. Continuous monitoring of the connections to the License server, and thorough monitoring of the key functions performed by the server can alone ensure service continuity. This where eG Enterprise helps administrators!