Monitoring DB2 Server Version 6.0/7.x

Figure 1 depicts the DB2 UDB – 6/7.x monitoring model that eG Enterprise prescribes for versions 6.0/7.x of the DB2 UDB server. This model has been deprecated, and is retained only to ensure backward compatability with older, less-used DB2 versions.

Figure 1 : Layer model of the DB2 server version 6.0/7.x

The tests mapped to each of the layers of Figure 1 report critical statistics pertaining to the internal health of the DB2 server ver. 6.0/7.x. However, unlike the monitoring model discussed in Monitoring IBM DB2 Server Version 8.0 (and above), this model requires that an eG agent be physically installed on the DB2 server for monitoring its performance. In other words, eG Enterprise cannot monitor a DB2 server ver. 6.0/7.x in an “agentless” manner.

The sections to come discuss each of the layers of Figure 1, elaborately.