Monitoring Exchange Online Tenant

To monitor the managed Exchange Online Tenant component, login to the eG management console as a user with monitoring privileges.

Browse the Components At-A-Glance section of the Monitor Home page that appears, and locate the Exchange Online Tenant component type. Click on the bar that corresponds to this component type. This will lead you to the Layers tab page, where you can view the monitoring model for Exchange Online Tenant (see Figure 1).

Figure 1 : Layer model for the Exchange Online Tenant component

Each layer of Figure 1 is mapped to a variety of tests pertaining to the Network, Tenant, Groups, Users/Devices, Mail Activity and User Experience layers. The Groups layer is similar to the Office 365 monitoring model and the rest layers are similar to Exchange Online monitoring models; hence, please refer to Monitoring Microsoft Exchange Online and Monitoring Microsoft Office 365 for a detailed discussion on each of the layers of Figure 1.

The section to come will discuss the Email Activity Week Summary test in Mail Activity layer of Figure 1 only.