HCP System Layer

Using the tests associated with the HCP System layer (see Figure 2), you can monitor the following:

  • License expiry for storage space and usage of active/extended space.
  • Migration process and size/count of objects before/after migration.
  • Availability of node , failure status of Network Interface Card and status of Storage Area Network path.
  • Node space utilization, total uptime of the node and the reboot state of the node.
  • Replication status and status of the link between Hitachi Content Platform Systems.
  • Pending objects/data after replication process.
  • Data transfer from one Hitachi Content Platform system to another.
  • Operations executed and errors occurred during replication process.
  • Size and count of shredding objects.
  • Status of storage pool.
  • Status of Total, protected and ingested volume capacities and status of replication services/objects.

Figure 2 : The list of tests associated with the HCP System layer