Log Service Test

The Log Service records log messages generated by the dispatcher and other services. The log service is configured to record log information in a file, a database, a remote log server, Windows Event Viewer, or a UNIX® system log. If the Log Service is unavailable or fails to service log requests, then, the log messages will not be recorded. Without these log messages, any issues arising in the dispatcher or other services could not be traced immediately resulting in longer troubleshooting duration. To ensure that the log messages are recorded without any break, it is essential for the administrators to monitor the Log Service. The Log Service test helps administrators in this regard!

This test monitors the Log Service and reports the current status of the service. This test also throws light on the number of log service requests that were processed and the count of requests that were processed successfully.

Target of the test : An IBM Cognos Business Intelligence

Agent deploying the test : An internal/remote agent

Outputs of the test : One set of results for the target IBM Cognos Business Intelligence suite being monitored

Configurable parameters for the test



Test period

How often should the test be executed .


The host for which the test is to be configured.


The port number at which the specified host listens. By default, this is NULL.

JMX Remote Port

Here, specify the port at which the JMX listens for requests from remote hosts. Ensure that you specify the same port that you configured in the p2pd.deploy_defaults.properties file available in the <IBM_COGNOS_BI_HOME>\webapps\p2pd\WEB-INF folder used by the target application server.

JMX User, JMX Password, and Confirm Password

By default, JMX requires no authentication or security (SSL). This is why, by default, the JMX User and JMX Password parameters are set to none. If JMX requires authentication only (but no security), then ensure that the JMX User and JMX Password parameters are configured with the credentials of an authorized user with access to JMX using the JMX Remote Port. Confirm the password by retyping it in the Confirm Password text box.

Measurements made by the test
Measurement Description Measurement Unit Interpretation


Indicates the current status of the service.


The values that this measure can report and their corresponding numeric values are listed in the table below:

Measure Value Numeric Value
Available 100
Unavailable 0


By default, this measure reports the Measure Values listed in the table above to indicate the current status of the service. In the graph of this measure however, the same is represented using the numeric equivalents only i.e., 0 or 100.

Processed requests

Indicates the number of requests that were processed during the last measurement period.



Successful requests per second

Indicates the rate at which the requests were processed successfully during the last measurement period.