How to Monitor JBoss AS/EAP Server Using eG Enterprise?

To monitor the JBoss AS/EAP Server, eG Enterprise employs an agent-based approach. The broad steps for monitoring the server using this approach are as follows:

  1. Deploy an eG agent on the target host that is to be monitored. Use the installation procedure detailed in the eG Installation Guide to install the eG agent.
  2. Ensure that the pre-requisites for monitoring JBoss EAP are fulfilled. To know what are the pre-requisites and how to fulfill them, refer to Pre-requisites for Monitoring JBoss EAP.
  3. Manage the target JBoss EAP server using eG administrative interface. See Managing the JBoss AS/EAP Server.
  4. Finally, start the eG agent. To know how to start the eG agent, refer to the eG Installation Guide.