Pre-requisites for Monitoring the Microsoft Azure App Service

You need to fulfill the following pre-requisites to enable the eG agent to monitor the Azure App service:

  1. The eG agent should be configured to connect to the Azure cloud and make Azure ARM REST API calls. For this purpose, you need to do the following:

    • Register an Application with an Azure AD Tenant;

    • Determine the Tenant ID, the Application (Client) ID and Secret Key value associated with the registered Application;

    • Assign the Application to a Subscription and grant 'monitoring' rights to it

    Refer to Configuring the eG Agent to Monitor the Microsoft Azure App Service Using Azure ARM REST API topic to know how to perform each of the steps discussed above.

  2. If you want the eG agent to perform business transaction monitoring for .NET web applications, then you should first install and configure the eG .NET Profiler. To achieve this, refer to the steps discussed in Installing and Configuring the .NET Profiler on Azure topic .