How to Monitor the Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010 Server with Hub Transport Server Role Using eG Enterprise?

eG Enterprise adopts an agent-based approach to monitoring the Exchange 2007 /2010 server that corresponds to Hub Transport server role. The agent-based approach requires that you install and configure the eG agent on the Exchange 2007/2010 host (if one of the 'integrated' Exchange 2007 or Exchange 2010 models is being used) or on the host on which the server role to be monitored exists.

This internal agent, once started, periodically runs a wide variety of tests on the Exchange 2007/2010 server/server role to extract useful performance data. Some of these tests , namely – the Exchange Mailbox Status test, the Exchange Storage Group test, and the Exchange Queue Stats test – require Exchange Administrator privileges to execute. Therefore, prior to monitoring an Exchange 2007/2010 server/Hub Transport server role using eG Enterprise, make sure that you configure the eG agent to run with the privileges of an Exchange Administrator. Then, manage the Microsoft Exchange Hub Transport Server using the eG administrative interface. The procedure for achieving this is discussed in Managing the Microsoft Exchange Hub Transport Server.