How to Monitor Mail Sending/Receiving Activity

Using the SMTP Mail Sender and Mail Receiver models, you can easily emulate Exchange Online sending and receiving a 'uniquely tagged' email. In the process, you can measure how quickly the Exchange Online service sends and receives emails.

In order to emulate the email sending/receiving activity, you need to do the following:

  • Ensure that the pre-requisites for the emulation are fulfilled.

  • Manage an SMTP Mail Sender and an Mail Receiver component using the eG admin interface.

  • Configure the SMTP Mail Sender and Mail Receiver tests mapped to this component, so as to setup the simulation.

Click on the links below to understand how to perform each of the steps outlined above.

Pre-requisites for Emulating Email Sending/Receiving Activity

Managing the SMTP Sender/Receiver Components

Configuring the SMTP Mail Sender/Receiver Tests