How Does eG Enterprise Monitor Mule ESB Cloud?

eG Enterprise employs an agentless approach to monitor the Mule ESB Cloud. This approach requires that the eG agent be deployed on a remote host in the environment. To collect the metrics of interest from the Mule ESB Cloud, this agent uses the CloudHub API version2 (v2).

The pre-requisites that need to be fulfilled to use the CloudHub API version2 (v2) of the Mule ESB Cloud have been detailed in the following section.

Pre-requisites for Monitoring Mule ESB Cloud

To enable the eG agent to monitor the Mule ESB Cloud, the following pre-requisites should be fulfilled:

  • The user who is authorized to access the target Mule ESB Cloud should be vested with (Read-only) privileges. In addition, the user should also be capable of executing the commands of the Cloudhub Public API. The eG agent communicates with this user to collect the performance metrics.

Once the aforesaid requirement is fulfilled, the eG agent will report a plethora of useful metrics revealing the application, worker and organization level status and resource usage in the target Mule ESB Cloud and present these performance statistics in the eG monitoring model using the hierarchical layer model representation (referMonitoring Mule ESB Cloud ).