How to Monitor NetBackup using eG Enterprise?

eG Enterprise employs both agent-based and agentless approaches to monitor a NetBackup appliance. The agent based approach requires that an eG agent be deployed on a host on which the NetBackup appliance is installed. For agentless monitoring of the NetBackup appliance, the eG agent can be deployed on a remote Windows host or a Linux host in the target environment. To collect the metrics of interest from the NetBackup appliance, certain pre-requisites need to be fulfilled.

Pre-requisites for Monitoring NetBackup

To enable the eG agent to monitor the NetBackup, the following pre-requisites should be fulfilled:

  • The eG agent runs the NetBackup monitoring commands to collect the performance metrics from the target appliance. For this purpose, administrators should specify the full path to the admincmd folder (that contains the NetBackup monitoring commands) while configuring the tests of the NetBackup appliance. By default, the full path to the admincmd folder will be: <NetBackup Install Directory>\NetBackup\bin\admincmd\
  • Ensure that the time zone of the target NetBackup appliance is in sync with the server on which the eG remote agent is installed.
  • If the remote agent monitoring the target NetBackup appliance is installed on a Linux operating system, then, ensure that the user through which the remote agent connects to the target NetBackup appliance is provided with sudo privilege to execute the NetBackup monitoring commands.

Once the aforesaid pre-requisites are fulfilled, the eG agent collects and reports useful metrics that reveal the performance of the NetBackup appliance (refer to Monitoring NetBackup).