How does eG Enterprise Monitor the SAP Web Dispatcher?

By default, you can monitor and manage the SAP Web Dispatcher using the Command line program. To do so, you need to use the wdispmon executable. To monitor the SAP Web Dispatcher, you may need a user vested with admin privileges. By default, such a user is automatically created when the SAP Web Dispatcher is started using the Bootstrap option.

eG Enterprise employs an agent-based approach to monitor the SAP Web Dispatcher. In order to monitor the SAP Web Dispatcher, the user who is executing the sapwebdisp and wdispmon executables should possess ‘admin’ privileges.

Once the aforesaid requirements are fulfilled, the eG agent will report a plethora of useful metrics revealing the performance statistics of the SAP Web Dispatcher and present these performance statistics in the eG monitoring model using the hierarchical layer model representation of Figure 3.