Monitoring the Salesforce Organization

eG Enterprise provides a specialized monitoring model for Salesforce.

Figure 5 : Layer model of a Salesforce organization

Each layer in Figure 5 is mapped to tests that gather a wide variety of performance statistics from a target Salesforce organization. Such metrics report on the unavailability of the Salesforce instance, abnormal storage usage, objects hogging database space, quality of users' logon experience, sudden session disconnects, and issues in API access. With the help of these metrics, administrators can find quick and accurate answers to the following performance queries:

  • Is the Salesforce instance hosting the target Salesforce organization (org) available?

  • How is the user logon experience to the Salesforce org? Are users experiencing failures/slowness when logging into Salesforce? If so, what could be causing the anomaly - a connection latency/unavailability? an authentication delay/failure?

  • Is the Salesforce org running out of User or Feature licenses? If so, what type of User/Feature licenses would need to be purchased?

  • Have any login failures been noticed recently on the Salesforce org? If so, which user logins failed?

  • Is any user's password locked? If so, which user is this?

  • Is the population of any standard object growing at an abnormal pace in the Salesforce database? Which object is this, and how many objects of this type are currently in the database? Is this growth rate a cause for concern?

  • Is Salesforce storage over-utilized? If so, what is hogging storage space - files? or records? Which user is responsible for this storage contention?

  • Is the usage of any Salesforce resource violating the set limit? Which resource is this?

  • Is the Salesforce org overloaded with sessions? If so, what type of sessions is contributing to this abnormal load?

  • Are sessions of any particular type disconnecting more freuently than the rest?

  • Are any sessions about to expire? If yes, then what types of sessions are these?

  • Are any users inactive? Who are they?

  • Were any scheduled jobs blocked?

  • Do any scheduled jobs have errors in their trigger definition?

  • Is API access available?

  • Was any delay noticed in API access?

  • Is the API processing requests slowly?

Use the links below to know what tests are mapped to each of the top 4 layers of Figure 5. For details on the Network layer, refer to the Monitoring Unix and Windows Servers topic .

The Salesforce Instance Layer

The Salesforce Service Layer

The Salesforce Objects Layer

The Salesforce Users Layer