Updating SCOM with Measure-level Changes Made After Deploying the eG Universal MP

By default, after the eG manager is integrated with SCOM, if any measure-level changes are made using the eG management console, then such changes will not be reflected in the SCOM console. These changes include:

  • Adding/removing a new measure using the Integration Console plugin
  • Changing the display name of a measure using the Integration Console plugin
  • Removing an aggregate measure from an aggregate test
  • Changing the display name of an aggregate measure
  • Adding an aggregate measure to an aggregate test

To  update SCOM with these changes, do the following:

  1. Stop the eG SCOM Connector service.
  2. Open the command prompt on the Connector host as an administrator and switch to the <eG_SCOM_connector_install_dir>.
  3. Run the following command:


  4. Finally, start the eG SCOM Connector service


If you change the display name of the measure of a pre-defined Performance Rating test post the eG-SCOM integration, then this change will not be supported by the Connector, even if MpconfigSyncup is used.

You can enable debugging of the MpconfigSyncup tool using the MPConfigSyncUp.exe.config file. Once debugging is enabled, an MpConfigSyncUp.log file will be created in the Logs folder in the <EG_SCOM_CONNECTOR_INSTALL_DIR>.