If the tests related to the Siebel web server are not running, then first, try connecting to the following URL, and check whether it takes you to a page that lists the session-related and other web server-specific metrics for a configured ApplicationName: http://<IPoftheSibelWebServer>/<applicationnameconfiguredforthetest>/_stats.swe?verbode=high. For instance, if the IP address of the Siebel web server is,, and the ApplicationName configured for a Siebel web server-related test is callcenter, the URL will be:

If the URL does not result in the display of the desired web page, then proceed to check whether the AllowStats and SessionMonitor flags in the eapps.cfg file (in the <siebel_install_dir>\sea<SIEBEL_VERSION>\SWEApp\BIN directory) are set to true. To know how, refer to How does eG Enterprise Monitor Siebel Web Server?

Also, you can verify the values reported by the tests associated with the Siebel application server component, using the srvrmgr.exe in the <SIEBEL_INSTALL_DIR>\sea<Siebel_version>\BIN directory. The syntax for the command is:

srvrmgr.exe /g <IPoftheGatewayServer> /e <SiebelEnterpriseServerNameconfiguredforthetest> /u <UsernameoftheSiebelAdministrator> /p <PasswordoftheSiebelAdministrator> /c "<sub-command>"

For instance, to check whether the statistics reported by the SiebelTasks test are accurate or not, do the following:

  • Go to the command prompt of the Siebel application server.
  • Switch to the <SIEBEL_INSTALL_DIR>\sea<Siebel_version>\BIN directory.
  • Assume that the Siebel Tasks test takes the following parameters:



    USERNAME - sadmin

    PASSWORD - sadmin

  • Then, execute the following command on it:

    srvrmgr.exe /g /e siebel /u sadmin /p sadmin /c "list tasks",

    where "list tasks" is the sub-command that is executed for viewing task-related metrics.

    Similarly, the command for the SiebelStats test, will be:

    srvrmgr.exe /g /e siebel /u sadmin /p sadmin /c "list stats"

    The following command will have to be executed for viewing the list of object managers configured on the Siebel server:

    srvrmgr.exe /g /e siebel /u sadmin /p sadmin /c "list comps"

  • For the SiebelNet test, on the other hand, a utility named visutl.exe will have to be run from the <SIEBEL_INSTALL_DIR>\sea<SIEBEL_VERSION>\SWEApp\BIN directory. The syntax of this command is:

    visutl.exe /u <SiebelAdministratorName> /p <SiebelAdministratorPassword> /c <ODBCDatasourceNameconfiguredforthetest> /d <Tableownernameconfiguredforthetest> /n <Nodenameconfiguredforthetest>

  • For instance, assume that you want to verify the accuracy of the measures reported by the SiebelNet test, which takes the following parameters:

    USERNAME - sadmin

    PASSWORD - sadmin



    NODENAME - siebel

    To achieve this, execute the following command from the <siebel_install_dir>\sea<SIEBEL_VERSION>\SWEApp\BIN directory:

    visutl.exe /u sadmin /p sadmin /c SiebSrvr_siebel /d siebel /n siebel