Managing the Sybase ASE 15 Server

To manually add the Sybase ASE 15 Server component for monitoring using eG Enterprise , do the following:

  1. Login to the administrative interface as an administrator (admin).
  2. Specify Sybase ASE 15 server as a new component in the Component type list box (see Figure 1) that appears in the Components Page. Also, provide the Host IP and the Nickname for the component that is to be added. Then click on the Add button so that the new component will be added.

    Figure 1 : Adding Sybase ASE server

  3. Then proceed to signout of the page. A list of unconfigured tests (see Figure 2) for the Sybase ASE 15 server will then appear.

    Figure 2 : A table displaying the List of Unconfigured Tests for the Sybase ASE server

  4. Click on the tests to configure. To know how to configure these tests, refer to Monitoring the Sybase ASE Server Using the MDA Tables chapter.
  5. Finally, signing out of the admin interface.