eG Enterprise includes specialized dashboards for network, system, and application monitoring. In addition to the layer model, administrators can access key metrics at the network, system, and application layers directly from the dashboards. For example, in the system dashboard, administrators can view at a glance, the CPU utilization, memory utilization, disk usage, current system configuration, top CPU and memory consuming processes, and other key system metrics.

Thus, these dashboards:

  • Serve as a single, central console that not only depict the current state of a layer, but also instantly indicate the root-cause of issues pertaining to that layer, thereby enabling administrators to go from problem effect to the problem source in no time!
  • Combine both raw and graphically represented data, and facilitate an in-depth analysis of not just live performance, but also the historical performance of a particular layer, thus shedding light on potential anomalies;
  • Aid administrators in effectively analyzing the past trends in the performance of a layer, so that they can easily forecast future performance;
  • Enable service level audits on-the-fly, and thus help administrators accurately determine when a layer slipped from the desired performance levels.

While network and system dashboards are provided for all the supported application types, the application specific dashboards are available for selected applications only. Future releases of eG Enterprise will include dashboards for additional applications. While the network and system dashboards are similar for different applications, the contents of the application dashboards and their look and feel are different for different applications.

By default, the layer model representation of every application is accompanied by a System Dashboard and a Network Dashboard. In addition to these dashboards, a few selected applications are provided with an Application Dashboard as well.

When an egsm user logs into the eG monitor interface, he/she would be able to view the System, Network and Application Dashboards of all the components and analyze the problems in a more effective way!

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