Monitoring Services and Service Groups

Monitoring Services

A service is a collection of infrastructure components that work together to perform a specific set of functions – e.g., a mobile payment gateway service, an online banking service, a web site, etc. eG Enterprise allows administrators to add one/more services for monitoring. The procedure to configure such services using the eG administrative interface has been described in the Administering the eG Enterprise document.

Upon logging into the eG SuperManager monitor interface, click on the Services menu option from the Groups tile; this will lead you to the SERVICES page that lists the services that you are privileged to monitor and the current state of these services. Generally, all the services associated with the managers managed by the eG SuperManager will be listed in the SERVICES page (see Figure 1).

Figure 1 : The Services page

To know more about how to navigate through the SERVICES page, refer to Monitoring Services and Service Groups page.