Monitoring Zones using the eG SuperManager

Large infrastructures spanning geographies can pose quite a monitoring challenge owing to the number of components involved and their wide distribution. Administrators of such infrastructures might therefore prefer to monitor the infrastructure by viewing it as smaller, more manageable business units. In eG parlance, these business units are termed ZONES. A zone can typically comprise of individual components, segments, services, and/or other zones that require monitoring. For example, in the case of an infrastructure that is spread across the UK, USA, and Singapore, a zone named USA can be created consisting of all the components, segments, and services that are operating in the US branch alone. The USA zone can further contain an East-coast zone and a West-coast zone to represent infrastructure and services being supported on the two coasts of the US.

While a service/segment contains a group of inter-related components with inter-dependencies between them, a zone contains a group of components, services, segments, or zones that may/may not have inter-dependencies.

To quickly determine the state of the configured zones in each of the managers managed by the eG SuperManager, you can login to the eG SuperManager monitor interface and just click the Zones option under the Groups tile.

The ZONES page then appears listing the zones that have been configured for monitoring on all the managers managed by the eG SuperManager, along with their states.

Figure 1 : The state of all the zones being monitored

To know more about monitoring the individual zones, refer to Monitoring Zones page.