Zones Map

Typically, zones are associated with different geographies. While monitoring large infrastructures therefore, eG Enterprise allows you to drill down to view the exact geographic area where a zone operates, and instantly evaluate the performance of the different zones spread across the different locations worldwide. If multiple eG managers are reporting to an eG SuperManager, the egsm user may want to know the performance of all the zones that are managed in each of the managers. To access the map interface that provides this visual treat to the egsm user, select the Zones Map option from the Groups tile of Figure 6. This map interface provides a consolidated view of all the zones associated with each of the eG managers reporting to the eG SuperManager. Figure 1 then appears indicating the zone locations and their current state. The geographic display of the maps within the eG Enterprise console is achieved through the integration of the eG management console with Google maps.

Figure 1 : The map interface revealing the zone locations and state

Refer to the Zones Map page to know more about the association of zones with different geographies.