Automated Installation of eG Agents

Using the installers that eG provides (i.e., exes and shell scripts), one can install an eG agent on a Windows/Linux host quickly and in a hassle-free manner. However, if you notice, this traditional agent installation procedure is not fully automated. It requires certain inputs that can only be manually provided by the user - for e.g., the IP address of the manager, nick name etc. Erroneous inputs can result in installation failures. Also, because of the need for manual intervention, it is tedious to install agents on hundreds of systems using this procedure. Alternatively though, users can integrate with orchestration tools and gold images to install agents on numerous targets simultaneously. But, these are atypical options, which are seldom used and difficult to implement.

To enable faster, easier, and error-free installation of agents on multiple hosts, the eG manager now supports the automatic installation of agents. This feature is supported both on Enterprise deployments and SaaS deployments of eG.

To know how to automate agent installations in each of these deployment models, click on the links below:

Automated Installation of eG Agents in an Enterprise Deployment

Automated Installation of eG Agents in a SaaS Deployment