Configuring Manager Redundancy

If you had not chosen to configure manager redundancy while configuring the eG manager, then you can do so at a later point in time, by executing the setup_cluster script in the /opt/egurkha/bin directory. To execute the script, do the following:

  1. First, login as the eG user.
  2. From the command prompt, move to the /opt/egurkha/bin directory, and execute the following command: ./setup_cluster.
  3. Upon execution, the setup_cluster script will first request for the location of the Java home directory.

    Please enter the location of your Java home directory []: /usr/jdk1.8

  4. Once the location is specified, setup will request your confirmation to proceed with enabling manager redundancy.

    Would you like to enable eG Manager Redundancy y/n [n]? y

  5. While specifying n at step 4 will terminate the script execution, entering y will enable you to proceed with the setup by providing the IP (or hostname) and port number of the manager being configured.

    Please enter the hostname (or IP address) of this host:
    Please enter the port at which this eG Manager listens: 7077


    • If an eG manager (primary/secondary) in a cluster supports only an IPv6 address, then its best that you configure redundancy for that manager using its hostname and not its IP address.
    • If the eG manager is configured using the hostname, then ensure that cluster setup is also performed using the hostname only. Likewise, if the eG manager is configured using the IP address, then ensure that cluster setup is also performed using the IP address alone.
  6. Once the IP and port are provided, steps 10 to 20 of Setting Up the eG Manager will follow.