Best Practices for Maintaining the eG Manager's Database Backend

The eG database is a critical component of the three-tier eG management console architecture. All the measurement results are stored in the eG database, and alerting and data analysis is performed based on the data stored in the eG database. Ensuring that the eG database is functioning optimally is critical for the overall operation of the eG Enterprise system.

eG Enterprise has many self-management capabilities built in that simplify the maintenance of the eG database. However, additional fine-tuning and maintenance activities may be necessary to ensure the proper operation of the eG Enterprise system.

The purpose of this document is to provide a set of criteria for the administrators of the eG Enterprise system to follow in order to ensure that their monitoring system is functioning optimally, with peak performance. eG Enterprise supports Oracle 8i and above, or Microsoft SQL server 2000 and above for hosting the eG database. Depending on the database server being used, some of the maintenance activities may differ. All such differences are explicitly noted in the rest of this document. All such differences are explicitly discussed in the following topics.