Comparing IT Performance Monitoring ToolsWith hundreds of monitoring products on the market and more on the way, there’s always been confusion in this space. Marketers use words like ‘root-cause’, ‘proactive’ and even ‘dashboards’ and ‘topology’ as if they were magical. The truth is, customers need to read between the lines when looking at these capabilities. For example, almost every monitoring product will help perform some level of root-cause analysis— that’s what they do…monitor!

Automated root cause analysis is typically where the immediate savings on a monitoring product is, and it is why vendors use (and abuse) this term so much. So, whether you hear ‘analytics’ or ‘root-cause’, it’s worth understanding how this applies to you and your organization.

Topology diagrams and dashboards are used in a similar way by marketers. They provide ‘sizzle’ and help sell the product. But an effective performance management dashboard needs to display real-time information, be tailored to specific organizational and user needs, and enable performance monitoring tasks easily. Similarly, if a topology diagram isn’t really used as part of the monitoring and event management activities, then why is it even there?

The road to proactive monitoring requires that the monitor understand the norms of all measurement data, and knowing when we are deviating from normal behavior. And the keys to effective monitoring and troubleshooting lie in these capabilities all working together.

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