The AS/400 server - formally renamed the "IBM iSeries," but still commonly known as AS/400 - is a midrange server, which executes on the OS/400 operating system, and uses the PowerPC microprocessor with its reduced instruction set computer technology. The AS/400 is widely installed in large enterprises at the department level, in small corporations, in government agencies, and in almost every industry segment, for one/more of the following purposes:

  • Data warehousing: With multi-gigabytes of RAM and multi-terabytes of hard disk space, the AS/400 can be a repository for large amounts of company data to which data mining could be applied.
  • Java application development: With its closely integrated Java virtual machine and new tools designed by IBM for building commercial applications with Java, the AS/400 can be used as a development system.
  • Web and e-commerce serving: Equipped with a Web server and applications designed to support e-commerce (taking orders, tracking orders, providing service to customers, working with partners and suppliers) and with firewall capabilities, the AS/400 can handle Internet serving.
  • Corporate groupware services: Assuming that Domino and Notes have been included with the system, it's designed to quickly provide a corporation with sophisticated e-mail, project file sharing, whiteboards, and electronic collaboration.

Owing to its wide reach and wider functionality, the AS400 server plays a crucial role in the delivery of many critical end-user services. The 100% availability and peak performance of the AS400 server is therefore key to the proper functioning of the service. To ensure this, the health of the server should be continuously monitored. eG Enterprise is capable of doing this task in a hassle-free way. A monitoring model offered by eG Enterprise continuously monitors the AS400 server and measures the health of AS400 servers.