Managing/Unmanaging Systems

Using the COMPONENTS - MANAGE/UNMANAGE page, administrators can manage/unmanage only those components that belong to a chosen type. In environments where a large number of components of varied types are to be managed/unmanaged, using the COMPONENTS - MANAGE/UNMANAGE page could prove to be time-consuming. eG Enterprise therefore offers the systems - MANAGE/UNMANAGE page (see Figure 1).

To access this page, first go to the components – manage/unmanage page by selecting the Manange/Unmanage/Delete option from the Components menu of the Infrastructure tile. Figure 4 will then appear. Click the Manage/Unmanage By Systems button in Figure 4 to open the systems – manage/unmanage page (see Figure 1).

To manage components using the systems - manage/unmanage page, follow the steps given below:

  1. First, select the Host / Nick name to be managed from Figure 1. All components that are currently managed using the chosen host/nick name will be listed in the Managed components list. Components newly discovered with the chosen host/nick name will appear in the Unmanaged components list. To manage a newly discovered element, select it from the Unmanaged components list and click the < button (see Figure 1). This will transfer the selection to the Managed components list (see Figure 2). Likewise, you can unmanage a managed component by selecting it from the Managed components list and clicking the > button. Finally, click the Update button.


    Figure 1 : Selecting the component to manage


    Figure 2 : Managing the chosen component

  2. If the component that you want to manage is not auto-discovered by the eG Enterprise system, it will not appear in the Managed components list. In this case, you have the option to manually add that component to the eG Enterprise system. For this, once you select the Host/Nick Name of the component that you want to manage from Figure 1, click the Add New button therein. Figure 3 will then appear.


    Figure 3 : The COMPONENT page that appears when the Add New button in the SYSTEMS – MANAGE/UNMANAGE page is clicked

  3. To add a new component with the Host/Nick name chosen from Figure 1, first select the Component type to which the new component belongs from Figure 3. Then, provide a Host IP/Name for the new component. This way, provide all other specifications that are relevant to the component being added using Figure 4, and click the Add button therein to add the new component.


    Figure 4 : Adding a new component with the host/nick name chosen from the SYSTEMS – MANAGE/UNMANAGE page


    For complete details on how to manually add a new component using the eG administrative interface, refer to Adding/Modifying/Deleting Components.

  4. A message box depicted by Figure 5 will then appear informing you of the successful addition of the component. In addition, the message box will also prompt you to confirm whether/not you want to add more components using the same host/nick name. Clicking Yes will take you back to Figure 3, using which you can add another component. Clicking No in Figure 7.51 will lead you to Figure 6, where you will find the newly added component appear in the list of Managed components for the selected Host/Nick name.


    Figure 5 : A message box requesting you to confirm whether/not you want to add more components for the chosen host/nick name


    Figure 6 : The newly added component appearing in the list of Managed components