How to Monitor the Alibaba Cloud Using eG Enterprise?

The broad steps for monitoring an Alibaba cloud account using eG Enterprise are as follows:

  1. Manage the cloud account;
  2. Configure the eG tests for that account.

Each of these steps have been discussed elaborately in the sub-sections below.

Managing the Alibaba Cloud Account

To achieve this, do the following:

  1. Login to the eG admin interface.

  2. Click on the Admin tile and follow the Infrastructure -> Components -> Add/Modify menu sequence.

  3. In the page that appears next, select Alibaba Cloud as the Component type, and click the Add New Component button therein. Figure 1 will then appear.

    Figure 1 : Adding a Alibaba Cloud account for monitoring

  4. In Figure 1, first provide a unique Nick name for the new cloud account.

  5. Then, enable the Agentless flag and set Mode as Web Service.

  6. Next, pick a Remote agent and one/more External agents for monitoring the cloud account.

  7. Finally, click the Add button to add the cloud account.

Configuring eG Tests for the Alibaba Cloud Account

Once you click on the Add button in Figure 1, Figure 2 will appear displaying the Alibaba Cloud component that you just added. To configure the tests for that component, click on the Configure Test icon corresponding to that component in Figure 2.

Figure 2 : The Alibaba cloud component

Figure 3 will then appear. From the UNCONFIGURED TESTS list in Figure 3, select the test that you want to configure. For instance, say you select the Alibaba Billing Overview - Current Month test. To configure this test, click on the Configure button in Figure 3.

Figure 3 : Selecting the test to be configured

This will invoke Figure 4 displaying the parameters of the test.

Figure 4 : Configuring the Alibaba Billing Overview - Current Month test

To know how to configure this test, refer to the Alibaba Billing Overview - Current Month Test topic. Once the test is configured, click on the Update button in Figure 4, and sign out of the eG admin interface.