How Does eG Enterprise Monitor the Citrix Cloud Connector?

eG Enterprise monitors the Citrix Cloud Connector in an agent-based manner. The Cloud Connector is typically installed on a machine running Windows Server 2012 R2 or Windows Server 2016. The eG agent should be installed on this box for monitoring the Cloud Connector.

The eG agent makes Cloud API calls to connect to the Citrix Cloud and pull metrics related to the availability and responsiveness of the cloud. To enable the eG agent to make these API calls and retrieve metrics, follow the broad steps outlined below:

  1. Created a valid Citrix Cloud user with Read-only administrator rights to virtual apps/desktops; to know how to create such a user, follow the steps discussed in Creating a New Citrix Cloud User for Monitoring Purposes.

  2. Login to the Citrix cloud as the user you created at step 1 above, and create an API Client on the cloud; the steps for creating such an API client are detailed in the Creating API Client on the Citrix Cloud topic .
  3. Make a note of the Customer ID tied to the API client you created at step 2 above; to know how to determine the customer ID of your client, follow the steps discussed in Determining the Customer ID Mapped to an API Client.
  4. If the Citrix Cloud Connector being monitored uses proxy for communicating with the Citrix Cloud, then you should configure the eG agent with the proxy details; to know how to achieve this, refer to Configuring the eG Agent with Proxy Server Settings.