Pre-requisites for Monitoring EMC CLARiiON

To enable the eG agent to communicate with the EMC CLARiiON SAN storage device, a set of pre-requisites should be fulfilled. These requirements have been discussed below.

Pre-requisites for Monitoring Using the NaviSphere Management Suite

To enable the eG agent to use the NaviSphere Management Suite to collect metrics from CLARiiON, the following pre-requisites should be fulfilled:

  1. If the storage device is SSL-enabled, then, when installing the NaviSphere CLI, make sure that the Verification Level is set to Low (see Figure 1). This ensures that the SSL certificate sent by the storage array is not verified by the CLI.


    Figure 1 : Setting verification level

  2. The eG agent should be deployed on the same host on which the NaviSphere CLI (i.e., the NaviSecCLI.exe) operates;
  3. The NaviSphere CLI should run on a host that communicates with the storage system;
  4. The tests that use the NaviSphere CLI should be configured with the full path to the NaviSecCLI.exe and the credentials of a user who has access to the storage system.
  5. Performance logging should be enabled on the storage system; the steps to be followed to achieve this have been detailed in Enabling Performance Logging on the Storage System .

Pre-requisites for Monitoring Using EMC’s SMI-S Provider

By default, the tests that use the SMI-S provider of EMC to collect metrics, are disabled for the EMC Clariion SAN component. If one/more of these tests are enabled, you need to do the following to make sure that those tests run and report metrics:

  • If you want the eG agent to use the SMI-S provider too for metrics collection, then, you need to make sure that you manage the target EMC CLARiiON device in the eG admin interface using the Host IP/Name of that host on which the provider has been installed.
  • The tests that use the SMI-S Provider for collecting metrics should be configured with the following:

    • The serial number of the storage device to be monitored.

      This is because, the proxy implementation of the provider can manage multiple devices at the same time. The serial number is the unique identifier that will enable the eG agent to collect metrics from the right storage device.

    • Credentials of an SMI-S provider CIM user who has the right to access the storage device, execute API commands on it and pull out the desired metrics

      For monitoring EMC CLARiiON, you will have to provide the credentials of a user who has been assigned the Monitor role.

    • The namespace that uniquely identifies the profiles specific to the SMI-S provider in use.