Pre-requisites for monitoring the EMC PowerVault ME storage system

In order to monitor a EMC PowerVault ME storage system, the following pre-requisites should be fulfilled:

  1. The EMC PowerVault ME component should be managed in the eG admin interface using the IP address of its storage controller. In other words, against the Host IP/Name of the component, the IP address of the storage controller should be specified. In case of a dual-controller configuration, make sure that you specify the IP address of the primary controller here.
  2. The eG agent has to be configured with the credentials of a user with the monitor role to the target storage system. To create such a user, do the following:

    • Login to the console of the target EMC PowerVault ME storage system.
    • In the command prompt that appears, specify the command for creating the user. The syntax of the command is as follows:

      create user

      [authentication-type MD5]

      [base 10]

      [interfaces wbi]

      [level monitor]

      [type standard]

      [units auto]


      For example, to create a user named “admin”, the command would be:

      create user authentication-type MD5 base 10 interfaces wbi level monitor type standard units auto admin

  3. After providing the user creation command, you will be required to provide a password for the specified user “admin”.

    Enter new password: ************
    Re-enter new password: ************

Once the user is created, the EMC PowerVault ME Storage system is ready for monitoring by the eG Enterprise.