How to Monitor GroupWise Post Office Agents (POA) Using eG Enterprise?

eG Enterprise  monitors the GroupWise Post Office Agents (POA) in an agentless manner. All that is required for this is a single eG agent  on any remote Windows host in the environment. This agent is capable of monitoring the GroupWise POA via SNMP. Before attempting to monitor the GroupWise POA, ensure that it is SNMP-enabled.

Once you SNMP-enable the components and feed the eG Enterprise system with the SNMP port and community string, the eG agent can easily contact the SNMP MIB of GroupWise POA to extract the measures of interest. What more, these monitoring models do not even require an agent to be installed on the monitored system. If a target server/device supports the HOST-RESOURCES MIB, then eG Enterprise can provide in-depth insights into the performance of those targets in a non-intrusive, agentless manner. For more details related to agentless monitoring, refer to Agentless Monitoring.

The broad steps for monitoring the server using eG Enterprise are as follows: