How does eG Enterprise monitor the IBM Integration Bus?

The eG Enterprise is capable of monitoring the IBM Integration Bus in both agent based and agentless manner. In order to monitor the IBM Integration Bus, certain pre-requisites need to be fulfilled.

Broad Overview of the Pre-requisites for monitoring the IIB server

  • The target IBM Integration Bus server(IIB server) should be running on JRE 1.5. and above.
  • Copy the files required for monitoring the IIB server to the <EG_INSTALL_DIR>/lib directory as described in Copying the files required for monitoring the IIB server.
  • A JMS Administered Object must be created with a Connection factory and two JMS Destinations. The JMS Destinations stores the messages published by the IIB; the eG agent subscribes to those messages from the JMS Destinations and collects the required metrics for monitoring. The JMS Administered Object can be created using the following approaches:

    1. Automatic creation by executing a script
    2. Manual creation through the MQ Explorer GUI

In the forthcoming sectionsfollowing topics, let us discuss the creation of JMS Administered Objects for both agentless and agent based monitoring.

Once the pre-requsites are fulfilled, manage the IBM Integration Bus server component for monitoring using by eG administrative interface. To know the steps for achieving this, refer to the Managing the IBM Integration Bus topic.