Pre-requisites for Monitoring JBoss EAP

Before attempting to manage and monitor JBoss EAP, make sure that the following pre-requisites are fulfilled:

  • Determine the correct port using which the target JBoss EAP server has to be managed in the eG admin interface. To know what port to use and where to find it, refer to Determining the Port Number for Managing JBoss EAP topic.
  • The eG tests have to be configured with the credentials of a special user who is authorized to access the web-based Management Console and remote instances of the Management CLI. The eG agent connects to the target EAP server and monitors it using this user's credentials only. To know the type of user required for this purpose and how to create such a user, refer to Creating a New User in the JBoss EAP Server topic.
  • To enable the eG agent to collect JVM-related metrics, make sure the requirements for JVM monitoring detailed in the Configuring JVM Monitoring for a JBoss EAP Server topic are satisfied.
  • By default, the eG agent cannot perform Java business transaction monitoring on a JBoss EAP server. For that, you need to enable the eG Java Business Transaction Monitor (BTM) on the EAP server. To know how to achieve this, refer to Configuring Java Business Transaction Monitoring on JBoss EAP topic.