How to Monitor Leostream Connection Broker Using the eG Enterprise?

eG Enterprise monitors Leostream in 2 ways - by deploying the eG agent on the connection broker itself, or by deploying the eG agent on any remote Windows host in the environment and configuring it to remotely monitor Leostream. While the former is termed "agent-based" monitoring, the latter is called "agentless" monitoring as it does not require an eG agent to be present on the target connection broker

In either case, the eG agent uses the Connection Broker’s web query interface to connect to it and collect metrics. HTTP or HTTPS can be used for communication between the eG agent and the Connection Broker, and the administrator’s credentials (i.e., user name and password) must be specified when configuring the Connection Broker for monitoring, so that the eG agent can connect to the Connection Broker and obtain metrics. To make the eG agent to communicate with the Connection Broker, the eG agent should be configured with the credentials of a user to the Connection Broker who has Administrator privileges. The procedure to create such a user has been discussed in Pre-requisites for Monitoring the Leostream Connection Broker topic.

Once the pre-requisites are fulfilled, proceed to monitor the connection broker using eG Enterprise. Then proceed to manage the connection broker for monitoring. The steps for achieving this has been explained in the Managing the Leostream Connection Broker topic.