How to Monitor the Microsoft AVD Broker Using eG Enterprise?

Follow the broad steps below to monitor an AVD broker using eG Enterprise:

  1. Configure the firewall to allow traffic to the following ports:

    Source Target Port
    eG Remote Agent 443
    eG Remote Agent 443
  2. Configure the eG remote agent to connect to the Azure cloud and run Java API calls on it; to know how to achieve this, refer to Configuring the eG Agent to Monitor Microsoft Azure under Monitoring Microsoft Azure Subscription.

  3. Configure the host pool logs to be sent to a Log Analytics Workspace, so that the eG agent can use Java API to read the analytics in that workspace and report metrics;

  4. Use the eG admin interface to manage the target Azure subscription;

  5. Configure tests for the managed Azure Subscription

Click on the links to know how to achieve steps 3 - 5 above.

Configuring the Host Pool Logs to be Sent to a Log Analytics Workspace

Managing a Microsoft AVD Broker

Configuring Tests for the Microsoft AVD Broker