Configuring an eG SuperManager to Manage the eG Managers in a Redundant Cluster

You can ensure that the managers in a redundant setup report to an eG SuperManager, by following the steps given below:

  1. Install and configure the eG SuperManager using the procedure discussed in Installing and Configuring the eG SuperManager on Windows Environments .
  2. Next, you would have to ensure that the eG SuperManager is made aware of the individual eG managers that it needs to receive metrics from. In a non-redundant setup, you would typically follow the procedure detailed in The Admin Home Page to achieve this. In a redundant setup however, since the primary manager is configured to receive metrics from all the other managers in a cluster, it would suffice to configure a line of communication between the eG SuperManager and the primary manager alone i.e., it is suffice for you to provide the IP address and port of the primary manager in the cluster and assign a nick name to the primary manager.

The next step is to configure each of the eG managers to talk to the eG SuperManager. To achieve this for an individual manager, you need to simply follow the steps discussed in Configuring the Individual eG Managers to Work with the eG SuperManager, on the manager. However, in the case of a redundant setup, since the primary manager shares its configuration information with the secondary managers in the clusters, it would suffice to follow the procedure detailed in Configuring the Individual eG Managers to Work with the eG SuperManager on the primary manager alone.