My Dashboard

With eG Enterprise, the egsm user has the option to build a custom dashboard, using which he/she can graphically compare current and historical performance of multiple applications of his/her interest. This dashboard not only allows the egsm user to choose the components to focus on, but also pick the measures and even descriptors that should be featured in it. To build an application-independent custom dashboard, click on the icon available in the Monitor tab and then select the My Dashboard option from the Dashboards tile.


  • The dashboard created by the egsm user cannot be viewed / modified / deleted by any other user.
  • The dashboard created by the egsm user cannot be shared with other users.

To know how to add a My Dashboard, view the list of dashboards, refer to Application-Independent My Dashboard page.

Further, if you want to know on how to design a My Dashboard, refer to Designing a My Dashboard page.

Figure 1 : A My Dashboard created by the egsm user