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Microsoft Monitoring Simplified

eG Enterprise: Your One-Stop Shop for Monitoring All Microsoft Apps, Servers and Cloud Infrastructure

Purpose-built performance monitoring solution for Microsoft shops. Monitor all your business-critical Microsoft applications and infrastructures from a single pane of glass. Get deep insights into application code-level performance, business transactions, user experience,
infrastructure health, cloud metrics, and more. Troubleshoot performance problems with ease!


The Most Comprehensive Microsoft Monitoring Solution on the Market


Application Performance Monitoring and Code-Level Analytics

Microsoft monitoring from eG Innovations identifies causes of slowdowns and isolates the source of the problem.
  • Uncover the cause of application slowdowns using distributed transaction tracing
  • Isolate where slowness occurs: application code, database query, remote calls
  • Pinpoint the line of code having an issue and causing slowness
  • Supported for .NET and Java web applications

Monitor Microsoft Azure Cloud Services and Infrastructure

Monitoring for Microsoft Azure cloud services from eG Innovations monitors health and availability of all services running on it.
  • Automatically discover applications, databases, VMs and containers on the cloud
  • Monitor health, availability and performance of Azure cloud and services running on it
  • Scale monitoring on demand
  • Ensure successful migration to the cloud

Deliver First-Class Digital Experience For Your End Users

Real User Monitoring

  • Be the first to measure user satisfaction as users access applications in real time
  • Monitor page load times and get alerted to slowdowns and errors
  • Get a breakdown of page load time to isolate area of slowness
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Synthetic Monitoring

  • Proactively monitor user experience and identify issues before real users are impacted
  • Baseline user experience metrics and compare performance across different locations
  • Simulate and test application transactions 24x7
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Monitoring with the eG Innovations Universal Management Pack combines allows monitoring of multiple systems

Ensure Fast and Seamless Delivery of Office 365 Services

Citrix Logon Monitoring | Logon Simulation
  • Get real-time insights on Office 365 health and connectivity across all locations
  • Leverage built-in performance monitors for Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and Skype for Business
  • Track license usage, database growth, service status, etc.
  • Understand the impact on network traffic due to Office 365 usage
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