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SolarWinds and Citrix Monitoring

Evaluating how SolarWinds addresses the Citrix Monitoring needs of organizations

SolarWinds provides a suite of IT network and system monitoring products that are effective, accessible, and easy to use. SolarWinds products address different requirements of enterprises including network management, systems management, database management, IT security, IT service management, and application management.

Many organizations, who have deployed SolarWinds for network and systems management also operate Citrix digital workspaces to provide employees with remote access to virtual applications and desktops. It is only natural that they look to extend their use of SolarWinds technologies for monitoring Citrix environments as well. The key benefit of this approach is the ability to have a single console for monitoring all the key applications in the IT infrastructure.


Does SolarWinds Meet Key Citrix Monitoring Requirements?

There is a different focus to the SolarWinds user experience

SolarWinds monitors resource usage of all the Citrix tiers. To provide insights into Citrix performance, SolarWinds includes ready-made templates. These templates are based mainly on Windows performance counters and WMI.

  • Citrix monitoring is not just about monitoring CPU, memory, and disk resources. In fact, the biggest challenge in a Citrix environment is to monitor user experience. Hence, Citrix user experience must be monitored proactively so that administrators can be alerted well in advance before users complain.
  • Citrix administrators need help in troubleshooting performance issues. User complaints are often vague, saying "Citrix is slow" and administrators have to find the root-cause: is it really a Citrix issue, is it a network issue, is it due to the virtualization platform, or due to storage? This requires specialized visibility into the Citrix stack and the underlying infrastructure supporting Citrix.

SolarWinds is not purpose-built for Citrix workspaces and hence, provides only basic metrics in the above areas.


Top Reasons to Choose eG Enterprise over SolarWinds Citrix Monitoring

Unlike SolarWinds, eG Enterprise is purpose built for monitoring Citrix infrastructures. With over 15 years of experience supporting several of the largest Citrix deployments, eG Enterprise is a best-of-breed solution for meeting the key requirements of Citrix administrators.

Who does Citrix use to monitor Citrix? eG Innovations. 
Since 2014, eG Enterprise has been the exclusive performance monitoring solution for the on-site infrastructure running Citrix's major user and partner events, Citrix Summit and Citrix Synergy.Citrix Monitoring - Xenapp Performance Report
State-of-the-art Citrix monitoring solution for end-to-end performance analytics
 eG Enterprise Citrix User Experience Monitoring diagram

With eG Enterprise, administrators can:

  • Monitor all aspects of Citrix user experience including session logon time (and breakdowns including GPO processing time, profile loading, etc.), application launch time, screen refresh latency, network latency, session disconnects, etc.
  • Monitor every Citrix tier in-depth including Citrix ADC/NetScaler, Citrix SD-WAN, Citrix Storefronts, Citrix License servers, Citrix WEM, Citrix Provisioning services, Citrix Hypervisor, Citrix Cloud, Citrix Endpoint Management, and so on
  • Monitor all the tiers supporting Citrix from the same console including network, storage, virtualization, cloud, etc.
  • Pinpoint the root-cause of issues in minutes via patented machine learning and root-cause diagnosis technology
  • Access the top 25 key reports that every Citrix admin needs. Embedded analytics provides insights into right-sizing and capacity planning for your Citrix environment

Comparison Matrix: eG Enterprise vs. SolarWinds for Citrix Monitoring

Critical features eG Enterprise SolarWinds
Synthetic monitoring: Logon simulation, full session simulation
Real-user experience monitoring: Logon time, app launch time, ICA RTT, network RTT, WAN latency, etc.
all aspects

Limited. does not get deep virtual channel metrics, not aware of screen latencies, network latencies for each user session
User active/idle time reporting
Specialized monitoring for all Citrix tiers: Citrix StoreFront, Citrix Provisioning Services, Citrix License Server, Citrix Delivery Controller, Citrix Hypervisor, Citrix WEM, Citrix Cloud, Citrix Endpoint Management, Citrix ShareFile
Very limited
Service topology views correlating performance across tiers and automatic root-cause diagnosis
Specialized reporting for right-sizing, optimization, and capacity planning
Integrates tightly with Citrix Director and Citrix Application Delivery Management (ADM)
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