Embedded Analytics for IT

When we hear the term ‘embedded analytics’, most people think of business intelligence. Read this blog to learn about what embedded analytics for IT is all about.

What is Windows Virtual Desktop?

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is a Microsoft Azure-based service for delivering virtual desktops to users from the cloud. WVD is fast emerging as one of the popular means of supporting digital workspaces. In this blog, we explain what is WVD, how is it architected and its benefits.

The Digital Workspace Monitoring Journey

Digital workspaces have been getting more attention in the last year as most organizations had to support Work From Home. Read this blog to learn about eG Innovations journey in the digital workspace landscape - how it started, what we have done, and where we are heading.

The Infotoxification of IT

Alert Fatigue

Too Many Alerts and What You Can Do About It I read an interesting report from the Citrix Technology Office which used the term “infotoxification”: People today are expected to filter, understand and act upon an enormous mountain of data. Consequently they are overwhelmed; they are...

Monitoring is Not Just Diagnosis

IT Performance Monitoring Is Not Just About Diagnosis

Monitoring is one of the most critical aspects of IT administration and management. Various means can be adopted for performance monitoring — many administrators use a commercial monitoring solution, others rely on open source tools (e.g., Nagios, Zabbix, etc.), while some others develop and...

Security Performance Management

IT Performance Management for IT Security and Compliance Did you know that eG Enterprise offers far more than IT performance monitoring? As our customers know, eG Innovations provides exceptional IT performance management or as our tagline says, “total performance visibility,” but that’s...