How to Set up Azure Monitor for WVD

Microsoft WVD is growing in popularity and Microsoft has released Azure Monitor for WVD recently. In this blog, we discuss how to set up Azure Monitor to track the usage and performance of WVD.

VDI Monitoring

Since virtual desktops are VMs, many IT admins try to use virtual machine monitoring tools for VDI as well. In this blog, we explain why VDI monitoring has unique requirements and why virtual server monitoring tools are not sufficient for VDI monitoring.

New Webinar: Virtualization and Cloud Performance

Whether you are virtualizing your IT environment or moving applications to the cloud, the dynamics and complexities of these IT transformations can cause significant performance and user experience issues that diminish the benefits of new IT service models and risk interruption of critical...

Virtual Desktop Success with Performance Assurance (Part 2)

In part 1 of this article, we talked about how the current VDI deployment cycle is broken, often overlooking the new inter-dependencies and performance implications introduced by desktop virtualziation. To ensure VDI success, performance has to be considered at every stage of the VDI lifecycle...

Cloud Computing and Virtualization Technologies

Virtualization Technologies

Fulfilling the Promise of Cloud Computing and Virtualization Technologies 2011 is almost here and it promises to be an exciting and challenging year!  Here are my top 10 predictions in the monitoring and management space for 2011. Virtualization and cloud computing have garnered a lot of...