What is Cisco Router?

Cisco offers the industry’s broadest and most versatile portfolio of secure, high-performance Integrated Services Routers, enabling the deployment of a wide array of services to the farthest reaches of an organization, from the home office to the small office to the large enterprise branch and head office. Cisco routers provide high availability, comprehensive security, integrated wireless, ease of management, and advanced Quality of Service (QoS) for today’s most demanding network services, including IP communications, video, customer relationship management, financial transactions, and other real-time applications.

Why Monitor Cisco Router?

Excessive packet traffic can choke the router, thereby significantly slowing down packet transmission. Similarly, very low unused memory/CPU on the router can also affect the speed with which the router transmits data. It is therefore imperative to monitor the resource usage and the traffic to and from the router, so that any sudden increase in load or erosion of resources can be  instantly detected, and remedial action immediately initiated. The eG-developed custom monitoring model helps network administrators in this regard.